August 1, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast!

Sunday mornings in Sacramento are one my favorite parts of the week.  J and I take Bailey (dog) on a long walk, usually 7.5 miles.  It's hot when we get back, so a nice cold smoothie helps cool us off.  It's also a favorite of the kids, who love a local smoothie spot called Jamba Juice.  Going out for smoothies is fun, but pretty expensive, and some of the smoothies have added sugar (which we do not need).  I always start with soy milk (can't tolerate regular dairy), vanilla yogurt, a banana or two, frozen or fresh strawberries, fresh or canned pineapple, frozen blueberries, and ice.  The San Joaquin Valley is known nation-wide for it's fresh produce, and we take advantage of all the wonderful fruits we find by freezing our summer finds.

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