August 1, 2010

The Family That Cooks Together....

An important part of raising children is ensuring their ability to survive on their own, which is why teaching basic cooking skills is so important.  This blog is primarily about two sisters, but one of the sisters has two teenage children, and a husband, who all like to cook.  Experience has taught me that kids are more interested in eating what they help produce, and mine have been in the kitchen from the time they were old enough to stand on a chair and help make muffins (usually banana).  Once in a while I'll tell one of them to plan dinner using what they can find in the pantry and refrigerator.  They are pretty creative when it comes to mixing stuff up.  We receive Cooking Light and Food Network magazines which have inspired every amateur chef in this house. Today's lunch was created by Jessica, adapted from a recipe she saw in FNM. It was delicious!


Chinese Dumpling Soup (FNM Nov/Dec 2008)

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