September 4, 2010

Sandwiches Smamwiches

I LOVE sandwiches.  They can be considered the perfect food. Gourmet mustard, peperoncinis, butter lettuce, Tillamook cheese, fresh spinach, red onion, chipotle mayonnaise, and a variety of meats combine to make sumptuous flavors not to be forgotten. We are always on the look out for a new sandwich shop.  One of our favorite sandwiches, the Shasta Smokey, is made in the deli at Bel Air (local grocery).  And even though it is technically not on the menu any longer, the kind ladies behind the counter always fix us the yummy concoction with a smile.

The problem is, after a while the monotony of a sandwich becomes, well, monotonous.  Do I have to have a sandwich for lunch every day?  Sure, they're easy to pack, but day after day???  Without the option of eating elsewhere for lunch the best idea is sometimes the easiest idea.

So, searching for that something special to spice up my lunch, I have discovered flat outs.  A long, thin, oval shaped bread that can be used as a wrap.  With only 90 calories and 9 grams of fiber per bread, this is a good substitute for the tortilla which historically has been used for wraps. This soft, pliable bread is easy to roll and is made in several flavors.  I bought stone ground wheat, simply because I like wheat bread.  And because I'm watching my overall calorie consumption, a half wrap with fruit makes the perfect light lunch.


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