September 22, 2010

A Basic Family Dinner

I'm so glad Marie posted pictures of her camp dinner.  I love hot dogs cooked over a fire!  Basic camping meals are really the way to go, although basic can be good for an ordinary weeknight.

Coho Salmon, NOT farm raised, is $8 a pound at Costco.  It kills me to pay this, but Costco is the only local store that sells non-farm raised salmon.  Once the prices comes down a bit I'll stock up, but for now it's a once a week meal.  Sometimes I wish we had a deep freezer in the garage, but I know people who have one and stuff sits in there for years.  ugh!

The salmon was marinated for 20 minutes in Yoda sauce (what we affectionately call Yoshida sauce), the Au Gratin potatoes are from a box, and the broccoli is fresh.  Your basic 30 minute dinner.  btw-Andrew inhaled his first and second helpings.  Ah, true joy!  Watching a 15 year old boy scarf down food, the bottomless pits they are!!


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