July 23, 2011

When it rains it pours....

....or not!  Lazy me has created and cooked many wonderful meals, but just hasn't blogged about them. Although I did just receive my new issue of bon appetite magazine and dog-eared a bunch of pages, so stay tuned.  Once Andrew comes home from camp I'll probably start making an effort again.

After our 5 miler (shortened to 4 miler because we left late and it's hot out) this is what I made for breakfast.

Super easy! (please ignore ugly counter tops.  they would have been changed out but someone is going to a very expensive college on the east coast). All the measurements really depend on how many people you are making for and what size cup you use.  We put our smoothies in large plastic cups, probably at least 16 oz. 

soy milk
flavored yogurt

Layer ingredients in blender, liquids and yogurt first, frozens last. Blend until the smoothie will easily move through a straw.

Helpful Hints

Fresh bananas blend easier than frozen bananas, plus they taste better.
Canned or fresh pineapple can be used.  If it's summer I'm probably using fresh.
Same with the strawberries.  Sometimes I buy them fresh and freeze them myself.
I almost always use frozen blueberries because the fresh aren't readily available where I live.
No need to add sugar or vanilla.  Totally ruins the point!!

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