October 5, 2010

Jumpin' the gun....

Autumn is my favorite time of year (although I recall saying that about spring).  It seems I'm the only one I know anxiously awaiting the time change, relishing the earlier nights.  A crisp coolness in the air, leaves on the ground, closure for the year.  *sigh*

Soups and stews reign supreme at the Stolzman household from November through March.  Any and all combination of ingredients.  Yum!  Even though it was a bit warm today, some leftover mashed potatoes were calling out to be the base of broccoli, cheese, and bacon soup.

Super easy to make.
However much leftover steamed broccoli you have combined with some leftover mashed potatoes and a few cans of chicken broth.  Cook some bacon crisp and add cheese.  Tonight it was Velveeta, but it can be cheddar or any other.  Heat until the cheese is melted.  It helps to have an immersion blender for the potatoes, otherwise they can take a while to blend with the broth.


And a very happy birthday to my lovely sister Marie!!!

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