October 17, 2012


I never used to be much of a tea drinker. I liked the idea of drinking tea, wrapped up in a shawl on a cold, snowy Saturday morning with a good book in hand, but always in the end it seemed infinitely more satisfying to down a cup o’ Joe with the requisite tablespoon of half & half.

Cut to years later, when I started dating—and later married—a tea drinker. No doubt influenced by his family’s Irish heritage, S. would serve and asked to be served just a simple cup of Lipton, please. By default, I started drinking Lipton.

A few months back, I participated in a three day juice cleanse during which I was compelled to drink eight cups a day of green tea. I found that I liked the mild, soothing flavor, and then started to experiment with other teas.

A trip to the local market yielded a box of the delightful Better Morning Blend from Two Leaves and a Bud, a tea company headquartered in Basalt, Colorado. With selection limited to just a few flavors, I went online to order a sampler.

Two Leaves and Bud promises the experience of “whole leaf organic tea in its purest, native form.” I don’t know much about tea, but I do know that Better Morning Blend changed my approach to tea.  I’m looking forward to drinking my way through the sampler.

Next up: a comparison of orange sencha, mountain high chai, and pomi-berry.


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