December 25, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2011

Family style Christmas dinner

Grilled lobster and baby asparagus

Grilled tri-tip

Garlic and butter clams

Garlic bread

Shrimp cocktail

Garlic and butter clams before cooking

Split lobster tails before cooking

Lobster tails again

Christmas dinner is usually so wonderful that I always think I will never forget it, but here I sit wondering what the heck we had last year.  I remember the guests, which really is the most important thing to remember.

No guests this year, but Jessica is home from college so that's the memory I'll keep for sure; her sitting at the table, in the usual spot.  It's funny how quickly we changed our routine when she left, but I love how natural it was to fall right back into it.

So here I sit listening to Julie Andrews Christmas songs (and really, is there any better voice for Christmas songs than hers?) and finish a wonderful glass of wine while waiting for my food coma to kick in.  We had such a wonderful dinner this year!

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