November 9, 2010

16-Bean Soup

We're quickly coming upon the end of the year, so I'm in the process of cleaning out my cupboard, trying to use those things which have been sitting for months or even a year. Who doesn't like to start fresh January 1st?

I had in my cupboard a bag of 16 assorted beans. To it, I added 2 stalks of celery, the rest of a bag of baby carrots (equaling about 1 large carrot), 1 small onion, 1 pre-cooked ham steak diced into cubes, 3 cups of Swanson's chicken broth (a must-have!), and 3 cups of water. I put it in my crock pot on high for 4 hours on Sunday, and the resulting 16-bean soup was DELICOUS! The best part? There was enough that I will have lunches for the week.

Beans really are a super food. They're nutritious, delicious, and super filling.

Funny story: S. offered to clean up the dishes Sunday night. He asked, "What do I do with the soup?" to which I responded, "Oh, just put it in the fridge." I awakened the next morning to find the entire crock pot in the fridge--cord and all (not just the crockery part with the lid). It made me giggle. Hey, I'm not complaining. Find a man who offers to clean up the dishes, and you've found gold.


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